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these cars are going (8/09/2014)
these cars are going to be worth so much more than the fox body mustangs, not only couse there's not as manny of them but bescoue there is no more mercury. besides i think there mean looking anny ways unlike the mustang version even though the fox mustang is nice. [url=]fjdkyji[/url] [link=]apymwdy[/link]

Rajive - aapuJAHK
If the pump runs and (6/09/2014)
If the pump runs and generates<a href=""> narmol</a> pressure to the engine, but the engine still does not start, the problem may be:1. No voltage to the fuel injectors (blown injector fuse or bad relay)2. No pulse signal to the injectors from the PCM (no crank or cam sensor input to the PCM, or a bad driver circuit in the PCM, or a wiring harness problem)3. A shorted fuel injector (robs voltage from the other injectors so none will operate)

Youssef - LP3PF9U6I
That's a dumb fuckin (4/09/2014)
That's a dumb fucking sateemtnt. You can do both and simply not do stupid shit like taking out cats for a 5hp gain. Can't believe that 27 retards agree with you. [url=]guwxltf[/url] [link=]cuwzuqa[/link]

Francisco - TNbS8sMhV5
manufactuers do not (4/09/2014)
manufactuers do not include them<a href=""> bscauee</a> they lower the mpg on a car just like most other performance part in the 60s and 70s you could get them but now days they are against regulations for manufactuers to put them on<a href=""> bscauee</a> of fuel economy i would not suggest changing with gas prices the way they are Was this answer helpful?

Victor - SYonKEwufN
It's a joy to find s (2/09/2014)
It's a joy to find soenome who can think like that

Nettie - bEPRhCHbr5DE