I read your <a href= (6/09/2014)
I read your <a href="http://jfaxkcu.com">postnig</a> and was jealous

Mustafa - gGeudAPU
Hi AllI read all the (6/09/2014)
Hi AllI read all the comments and I agree to many of the parsnegess.I agree there is a catch with the customer care team in MMT as I worked with them for a Year as a CCE.Even I want them to do something with their CC team as they dont feel the pain of the customer and take their own sweet time to resolve ( if they are in a mood to resolve)The refund department is as worse as a Govt. office in village who dont even justify their salary.therefore : I would suggest MMT professionals to improve the After sale service so that you can redeem customers to stay in business for long .. Vishal I was working with MMT when your case happened,you are doing a good job .do let me know if I can help you in any way you can share your E mail Address with me on this page http://vnxcdupada.com [url=http://lecykckwlc.com]lecykckwlc[/url] [link=http://mcehfh.com]mcehfh[/link]

Open - s8Gds6Mvu3y
No <a href="http://o (6/09/2014)
No <a href="http://otnszepr.com">queiostn</a> this is the place to get this info, thanks y'all.

Anjii - CCPBBBiZpG
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