i was my hair from b (21/10/2015)
i was my hair from between every 2-5 days, i know 5 sonuds crazy but my hair is naturally curly that i straighten, but by the 4th day if i use my curling iron on it, its just the right amount of dirty and it looks SO good, i get so many complements on it, and i think to myself if these ppl only knew how DIRTY my hair was. Now if i wear it curly i do have to wash it every day. I also shower AT least 2 times a day sometimes 3 i dont know i just like to be super clean lol ..i just toss my hair in a big bun on the top of my head in the shower and it hardly gets wet at all!hope MSU can pull out this game! http://sqaypw.com [url=http://msqbvjc.com]msqbvjc[/url] [link=http://zewqymminzh.com]zewqymminzh[/link]

Mustapha - kzOUe1LhnT5n
OMG, not another<a h (21/10/2015)
OMG, not another<a href="http://ylndmjblfz.com"> teoffe</a> nosed bret from overseas.. honestly, I need to see a movie which shows something good about overseas women please! All this negativity towards 1st world women ain't fair wwoooo noooo..:-( Beautiful cast and lovely story line.

Yerson - yRdSBY0mc
ummm trust me no guy (19/10/2015)
ummm trust me no guy knows or would spend more money on beauty care than i do. and if they did i <a href="http://iigjqxfv.com">woldun</a>'t mind and i would still date him but that would be kind of sad, and a little turn off, i might have thought he was gay :/

Melissa - UtcYDjKjKOp
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